Sitemap - 2023 - onStrategy

(#54) Strategic business predictions for 2024

(#53) Why Mcdonald's launches CosMc's; BMW’s Decarbonization Strategy; Adobe vs. Figma

(#52) on Spotify, Google, Starbucks, Epic Games, TikTok and many more.

(#51) IPOs in 2024; Threads is coming to the EU; Asset tokenisation on the rise; and magicians are less prone to mental illness

(#50) EVs have reached the 'chasm'; Huawei and Xiaomi are paving the way for an Apple EV; Shein goes public

(#49) Open AI's ongoing corporate thriller; Microsoft wins the AI B2B; Uber tries new things, and trends for market platforms

(#48) Europe's two competitive advantages; Apple's long game strategy; Amazon Prime strategy; Humane AI pin

(#47) Apple's secret behind its fantastic profit margins; Figma's strategy; OpenAI plays in Champions League, and Ferrari hybrid sales overtake traditional models

(#46) Apple's not so 'scary' event; Amazon's strategy, and X turns one

(#45) The magnificent 7: Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon, Alphabet, Meta and Tesla - part III

(#44) The magnificent 7: Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon, Alphabet, Meta and Tesla - part II

(#43) The magnificent 7: Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon, Alphabet, Meta and Tesla - part I

(#42) More AI means less frictions; Birkenstock's IPO; Why Peloton failed and how to be 18 yrs old again

(#41) Microsoft's pyramid of priorities; Amazon found its new focus and 7 companies in S&P 500 made >50% increased in 2023

(#40) Disney's finally go-to-market strategy; Twitter's business model; AI is predicting your sickness

(#39) on Apple: innovation, environment and de-risking; Nike is all in on D2C and map of Greece

(#38) Tech events are coming; Tesla is crushing the German automakers; and food delivery economics

(#37) Tech's event of the year; OpenAI's product roadmap; Software-as-service's future and Eating pizza moderately is OK

(#36) China's boom is over; Disney top priorities and Akins' laws of spacecraft design

(#35) Disney's new strategy; Temu's ascension; EVs plateau and TikTok is recruiting a Head of luxury. Why?

(#34) Apple is a product company; Luxury brands go into sports; Where companies use Generative AI; Chinese mothers are busy...trying to marry their adult children

(#33) Netflix' ladder strategy; Alphabet confirms my TGV theory; ...and some hints were Meta is aiming

(#32) Netflix’s ad model is working; Tesla can be 10x; META introduces Llama and 8 habits that could add up to 24 years to your life

(#31) Disney's new strategy; Western Europe is getting poorer; 3D printing parts are coming to Apple (and after blue-collar jobs)

(#30) Threads takes on Twitter by storm; TikTok is a cash making machine; 28 questions to ask to your boss in one-on-one

VW's EV cars are not cool; Elephant companies, Snapchat+ and, btw...RIP, Threads!

(#28) Strategy and how geopolitics will shape this decade and probably the next ones too

(#27) Tesla's supercharge strategy network; Netflix was right on password sharing; Google is only ad-focused; and the 2nd largest coffee producer is...Vietnam

(#26) Apple and its critics; Twitter's CEO first email; Food delivery market is too big for two winners and The Beatles are alive...with AI

(25) Apple never ships MPVs; What goes up must go down (NVIDIA); Twitter's future is easy to see, hard to implement

Microsoft goes 'All in' on AI; How Hyundai got so cool?; China started decoupling 6-8 years ago

(#23) Google (re)joined the AI-league; Tesla is changing a 100 years old manufacturing system; Apple is joining a category that is extremely unproven

(#22) Apple is a hardware company; Amazon quarterly results explained and the moats in AI are on very short term

(#21) From FAANG to MAAMAA; Zoom's wrong strategy and Carl Icahn might run a ponzi scheme

(#20) Netflix has a new honey pot; IKEA does what it knows best and TEMU's playbook is a déjà vu

(#19) EU's role in the business world; The premiumization of brands; Building a Silicon Valley in China...not

Lemon8 enters the Social Media's war; Google is clueless; Twitter's "everything app"

(#17) Bloomberg GPT; Crossing the chasm; Dacia's future

(#16) AI for breakfast, lunch and dinner; Chinese free apps dominate the USA; Twitter valuation

(#15) The era of AI has begun; Google's calendar is dictated by Microsoft's calendar; Cost-cutting as a strategy

(#14) Me, myself and Chat GPT; The TikTok-ization of everything; Samsung has a "camera-gate"

(#13) Tesla has a new Master Plan; Nike's principals; AI in everything; All products made by Chinese companies can spy

(#12) Mercedes and software, Whatsapp wills start to deliver and Innovation at Google

Is AI sentient?, Does Google need a new CEO? and luxury products are thriving (onStrategy #10)

Starbucks is changing too, Disney's turnaround, Ford layoffs due to EVs and Chat GPT makes errors (#10)

All in on AI; Apple had mixed results; Snap will never reach profitability

Bloodbath on the investors call: Snap, Spotify, Intel; Twitter is building a super-app

Netflix has a new co-CEO, Dacia's future will be with the Chinese and AI infrastructure as-a-service

Apple, applied Chat GPT, Tesla pricing and McDonald's strategy (#6)

Newsletter #5: on BMW, Apple and start-ups

Newsletter #4 - Predictions for 2023