Sitemap - 2024 - onStrategy

(#75) Microsoft's new devices are targeting the MacBook Air; How China is moving up Apple's supply chain; Growth at Uber

(#74) Apple's AI strategy; Google O/I 2024; Starbucks drinks need less steps to make; Open AI has a new model

(#73) Apple's strategy for 2024; Tesla's decisions are somehow bad; Ericsson chief says overregulation ‘driving Europe to irrelevance’

(#72) Rabbit's R1 AI potential; BYD's vertical integration; on new platform shifts; TikTok valuation

(#71) Netflix has a new strategy; Shein's business model has its limits; TikTok is preparing an Instagram-clone; Tesla's teasing a ride-hailing app

(#70) Humane AI's pin lessons; on building in China; on manufacturing at home; more on EVs

(#69) Apple Vision Pro goes B2B; Economic competition with China; Uber Eats launches its apps with a Tiktoky experience; and Smartphones in schools are bad

(#68) Shein is ready to IPO; Disrupting Adobe; The Top 100 Gen AI consumer apps

(#67) Amazon has a Shein/Temu strategy; The decade of the Second China Shock; BlackRock just filed with the SEC to launch a tokenization fund; A whisky distillery with two Michelin stars in Scotland

(#66) Boeing's brutal 2024; Brands go Direct; Deloitte's reorganisation; and Google DeepMind unveils Tactic AI: a football AI coach

(#65) Apple's ever darling; TikTok will be banned eventually; Yann LeCun on AI in 2029; and P&G latest innovation

(#64) Why Apple's car project failed; Huawei gets banned in Romania; Europe in 2024; Texas builds. Be like Texas!

(#63) Apple stops its car project; NVIDIA fantastic year; Reddit files for IPO, on Roblox, and Japan is back!

(#62) Text-to-Video is here; Zuck against Apple; on Germany; and Steve Jobs on recruiting people

(#61) The worst users come from referral programs, free trials, coupons, and gamification; OpenAI's next market; META's envy

(#60) Vision Pro is an entertainment device; 10 years at Microsoft helm for S. Nadella; the magic behind META, and using AI de decrypt the past

(#59) Expected less iPhones sold in 2024; China's business strategy; Can GenAI do strategy?

(#58) More on Vision Pro; Google Circles; TikTok Search; Audi is dead; Meta's new focus;

(#57) Rabbit r1 at CES; OpenAI's aggregation dream; on Apple's discounts; "Social media is dead" by Snapchat's Evan Spiegel

(#56) Apple is launching Vision Pro; Xiaomi is in the EV business; CES 2024 is so-so

(#55) Best strategy ideas of 2023 worth re-reading