All in on Artificial Intelligence. Across all board meetings the CEO’s are asking the same question: How can we incorporate Chat GPT and alike in our…
The tech layoffs continue, moving (partially) Apple's supply chain from China to India is uberchallenging, AI start-ups have a chance to join the…
Twitter has disappointing results for Twitter Blue, Nat Bullard is presenting the steps to decarbonisation and the coal is still the king.
Some analyst thing that an AI bubble is building, but other think that everyone will have an AI-copilot. Maybe will have both.
Tiffany's is partnering with Nike to deliver a premium value to their customers.
Twitter saga continues Amazon has a monthly subscription for...pills ("buy with Prime")
Chat GPT is already affecting the "Big 5", while the energy prices are closing companies across Europe at un unprecedented pace.
Europe and Israel have produced 344 startups that have reached a billion dollar valuation or exit, after receiving venture capital backing
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